Yoga Instructor – Part 2

Sandy starts me off with some light stretches, getting us both warmed up. I quickly realised she’s a very hands on yoga instructor and before long starts using her hands to apply some pressure to my body as she helps me through the various exercises. Her hands would grip my muscles, my calf muscles, hamstring, quads, fairly high up, sending a shock through my body. I had never felt this kind of way when I was doing my yoga sessions with Corey. I’ve never felt this way especially with a woman touching my body. My mind was in confusion. My body was getting extremely turned on at the touch of Sandy’s hands against me. I think I must have let out a soft moan at some point.

Sandy had me bending over and touching my toes, I was struggling to reach my feet today, so she went behind me pressed up against my ass and started to apply pressure on my back. Her hands would trace up and down my legs,

“You should feel the stretch right here” she said. All I could think was oh my god I wish she was fucking my pussy from behind me. I must have started thrusting myself backwards when I felt her hands on my hips, holding me still. Shock and embarrassment ran through my body, but she just said

“Next exercise”.

She laid me on my back, on leg flat the other on her shoulder as she leaned over my body, our eyes locking in that brief moment, I just wanted to wrap my legs around her and kiss those beautiful lips whilst her body grinds against my now soaking pussy. I was sure that I had a wet patch developing in my pants. As she switched legs, her hand brushed against my swollen lips, I whimpered, but bit my lip to try and contain myself. I saw a small smirk on her face.

She had me raise both legs up above my body, my hands on my back propping myself into the air, I was helpless, I had no idea what she was doing, when she slowly whispered

“Open your eyes”

I opened them slowly, and stood above me was Sandy completely naked, smiling down at me, my legs fell to the floor my body went like jelly, she started to lean down to sit on my face, I can’t believe this is happening. My mouth was salivating, I couldn’t wait to taste pussy that wasn’t my own for the first time. She sat over my face gently I could feel her warmth against my lips as I slowly pushed my tongue out against her moist pussy.

“Oh my god” she is soaking wet too.

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