School Trip

I was on this trip to America, a scared girl. I was worried to be away from my family, to not have the safety of my bed for the time we’d be away, little did I know that this trip would be the adventure of a life time.

We spent the first few days on the ski slopes, I have never skied before in my life, and I was so scared to get on the lift, let alone make my way down the slopes. Then I saw Matt, this wonderful guy, his smile just made me feel at ease right away. He was my ski instructor, and oh my god he was beautiful. I couldn’t take my eyes off his face, every time he spoke my heart melted. He was so patient with me, holding my hips as he guided me down the mini ski slope, my knees felt weak at his touch. I grew in confidence with my abilities to ski, I would listen to every bit of instruction he gave me and do what he said so he would be impressed by me.

After my first run down, he followed me and we chatted for ages, his accent was just mesmerising. I could feel my heart start to race as we went inside to the cafe to have a hot chocolate and some cake. We talked for what seemed like the whole day, until one of my teachers came in and told me it’s time for us to go. I was so disappointed but so excited to come back the next day and find him. For the rest of the evening I couldn’t help but smile, I knew I was smitten with a little girl crush on my skiing instructor.

The next day I was up early, ready to get to the ski resort, if you know me, you know I love to be lazy and stay in bed all day, but having this crush on this guy has has got me up, showered and ready. I was so eager rushing my room mates which made them annoyed. We had breakfast and got on the bus to the ski resort. I was first out my seat and off the coach, and my eyes started to look for Matt. I saw him across the room, and tried to get his attention, he saw me and my knees got weak as he walked over to us. I gave him a huge hug and asked him if he could tutor me for the whole day. He was happy to and we spent the next 6 hours together, skiing, talking, laughing, he was so wonderful.

After we finished skiing, Matt asked me if I wanted to have dinner with him later that evening. I quickly accepted his offer and planned my way away from the rest of my class mates. I met Matt at this really cute restaurant, there were candles lit, soft music playing, he had already ordered me a glass of wine. He held my hands, we stared into each others eyes, we ate, we laughed and we teased each other. Then the big moment came and he asked me back to his place. It wasn’t far from the hotel he said; my heart started to race, my body started to get weak. Was I going to lose my virginity to this man? Can this really be my first time? Omg what if he knows? What if I can’t do well and he doesn’t like me? Do you really want your first time to be a one night thing?

The only answer I could conjure up in all my panic was “I just want to feel him against me”.

I followed him to his apartment, only a few minutes walk from our resort. He guided me in like a gentleman, turned the lights on low, we sat on his couch, his arm up around mine. He complimented me, before he moved in to kiss me. I closed my eyes and let his lips find mine as we kissed. It felt like fireworks of flowers were exploding all around me, his hands found my cheeks, mine found his thighs. Our bodies edged closer as our kiss got heated. This was really going to happen, I was going to let this beautiful human man be my first, I felt myself getting moist and aroused each second his lips were against mine and as his hands ran over my body, clothes started coming off, I reciprocated and took his clothes off. Before I could keep up, we were body in underwear only. I could see the tip of his cock, poking out the top of his boxers, we both found ourselves with our hands between each others legs, stroking, rubbing, massaging each other. Our kiss stil full embraced as he leaned over me, then kissed his way down my body, putting my legs over his shoulders as his lips found my moist patch on my underwear. He pressed his lips hard against me and sucked hard. I gripped his hair and moaned out loud. He took my panties off, and immediately started to envelope my pussy with his lips, his tongue racing up and down my lips, teasing my clit, I could feel myself bucking and writhing against his face. He slid a finger in me, followed by a second, thrusting them gently in and out of my pussy. I couldn’t take it anymore, I pulled him up to my face and kissed him hard, tasting my sweet juices, I pulled down his boxer shorts and squeezed his firm ass, pulling him closer to me. He gripped his cock at the base, and rubbed it against me gently, slapping it softly against my clit.

He held his position, his throbbing member, placed at the entrance to my tunnel, our eyes locked, I bit my lip as I felt every inch of him enter me, slowly, I felt so tight at first, it was a little bit painful, he was gentle with me, slowly moving his hips backwards, and then back against me. My hands were gripping his legs, his ass, as his movements started to get faster and faster. I started to moan and move my hips to meet his motions, I could feel my orgasm build inside of me, he grabbed my legs and placed them on his shoulders, leaning forward, getting every inch of his manhood inside me. Pounding against my pussy with some force now, I was about to cum, I moaned out loudly before feeling my whole body tense, and spasm as I felt wave after wave of an electric shock pass through me. Matt slowed down a little as I caught my breath, he pulled out and turned me around, slapping my ass, he pulled me towards him by my hips before, ramming his cock back inside my wet dripping pussy. I gripped the sofa as hard as I could as my body was literally being pulled and pushed like I was a play toy. He kept fucking me hard, before all of a sudden, he pulled out of me, spun me around and had me sat on the sofa, him towering over me as he wanked his cock. A loud moan escaped his lips as he started to spurt long, thick cum, hitting my chin and falling over my chest. I never knew a guy could cum so much, my upper chest was covered in his fluids. I tasted the last drops off his penis as he stopped wanking, my gosh cum tastes so good!

He was gentlemanly enough to help me clean up and get dressed. I knew I had to leave to get back to my room, but it was so hard leaving Matt for the last time. I hugged him so tightly and kissed him deeply. Smiling I turned and left his apartment.

I never thought I would meet a guy like this on a random school trip to america. I was gutted when we had to leave for the last time, the memories I made with matt will live with me for a life time, it was almost like my own little love story. Now we are sight seeing in new York and no sights seem as lush as he does. Going back to England I am so sad, because I never got to spend more time with my crush.

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