Yoga Instructor – Part 1

It’s Friday, my weekend off, much needed after a busy week, and the best thing about today is its Yoga day. I could do with a really good yoga session today.
I get into my usual morning routine, up and out of bed bright and early, a glass of OJ and some pancakes with maple syrup and berries. An unusual spring in my step this morning, I skip up the stairs into my bedroom, strip my clothes off, admire my body and put on my yoga pants and sports bra. I stare at the clock on my phone only to realise that I’ve still got an hour left before my Yoga instructor arrives and just like my phone new I was holding it, it started to ring, I squealed to myself and answered it.

“Hi Gemma, it’s Corey, I can’t make it this morning, but I am sending my colleague Sandy, she is brilliant.”

“That’s a shame Gem, I was looking forward to our session today, but thanks for finding me an instructor to cover, I appreciate that, hopefully see you soon”
“Thanks take care and enjoy”.

Well that has irritated me a little bit, I really enjoy the instruction Corey gives, he is a wonderful Yoga instructor and I’ve got comfortable with him and being in the different positions around him. What will this Sandy be like? My mind started to wonder, and just like that my doorbell rang.

I opened the door, and it felt like my jaw was on the floor as soon as I laid eyes on this goddess in front of me. Oh sweet lord, I can’t explain how beautiful she was, I went from straight to lesbian in 2 seconds before my thoughts caught up to me.

“Hello, Hi, I’m Sandy” I heard through my thoughts. “Ahem, Hi, I’m Gemma, nice to meet you”.

Sandy, a 5ft 5 toned in every way, with blue yoga pants and a yellow Nike sports bra, with her gym bag on her shoulder, bleached blonde hair, piercing blue eye, perfect teeth and a perfect smile, boobs that looked huge in that tight sports bra and the rest of her body words escape my mind right now, I was just in awe of this beauty. My heart raced I was as nervous as I’ve ever been:

“Please come in, thanks for stepping in for Corey today”.

“You are welcome, he has told me all about you and how much progress you’ve made, and I was actually Corey’s teacher when he first decided he wanted to become a Yoga instructor”.

“That’s brilliant; you are clearly an amazing teacher.”

They both chuckle, “Let’s get started” Sandy settles her mat down in the living room and Gemma lays her mat down next to hers.

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