Yoga Instructor – Part 3

She tasted so good, her lips glistening mine with her juices, I could feel her begin to slide my pants off, raising my hips to help her. I felt her hands run up my legs slowly, teasingly until the reached my thighs, squeeze and digging her nails into them, she grips and spreads my legs, as I feel her bend forward and start to kiss my inner thigh. I never let my tongue escape her hole, as I felt her lips get closer and closer to my pussy. I raised my hips, ushering her towards my pulsating fanny.

Then it happened, the glorious, wondrous, moment, I felt her tongue slide slowly down my slit, then back up and down again. I almost came right there, I gripped her bare ass and pulled her down onto my face. This animal rush zapped through my body as I started to devour this sweet vagina.

I felt her lips kiss my clit as she took into her mouth, her tongue rolled around slowly, and that did it for me. I bucked and moaned loudly into her thighs as my whole body convulsed. My orgasm erupted like I’ve never felt before. I could feel juices flowing like a river out my pussy, and her tongue lapping them up just as fast. I got my composure back and started to eat her pussy like the starving beast I was. She sat up, caressing and squeezing my breasts as I ate her pussy. I had my nose buried in her tight ass hole and my tongue deep in her pussy, she started riding my face, rubbing her clit, I could hear her Screams getting louder and louder, before I felt her juices spurt out all over my face and her body collapse on mine. I lapped up her juices as fast as I could, my face covered. I kissed her throbbing lips gently, as she got off my body, turned towards me and kiss my lips. Our juices exchanged by tongue.

A smile crept over our faces and all I could say was
“See you next week?”

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