Friendly Encounter

Years had passed; we talked and talked all the time via text and through the Internet. Then one day we decided to meet up, and spend a couple of days together. We decided to have a night in a hotel, nerve were wreaking havoc driving to meet this wonderful girl I’d known for years but never met.
The moment had arrived, I parked at the hotel, got the room details, she had already arrived and checked in. I was so nervous I got lost on my way to the room. Eventually I found the room, *knock knock* my heart pounding as the door lock turns and she opens the door. My smile stretched across my face, my knees were weak and my heart beating was visibly through my T-shirt. She was a stunner, her long blonde hair, gorgeous smile, perfect teeth, she was shorter than me, but had the curves to make any man drool. I was in awe. I walked into the room, sitting down getting comfortable, as we sat next to each other on the bed, chatting away as if we had been doing this for years.

We had this moment, this gentle yet intense moment, where we stared deeply into each other’s eyes, our bodies moved closer to each other, I found her lips pressed against mine, my hand placed on her cheek as we embraced in our first kiss, so deep, so intense, so passionate. That first kiss lead to a memorable night.
My hand started to wonder down her sides, caressing her legs, back up squeezing her ass; this pulled her closer to my body, our kisses intensified, as my hand works its way up her body, squeezing her big magnificent breasts. After a few seconds of caressing her boobs, the situation escalated and we were ripping each other’s clothes off, moans and heavy breathing filling the air, both of us stripped naked, she pushed me back on the bed, pinning me down, kissing her way down my chest, gently biting on my nipples, sending shivers down my body. Her hands caressed my body gently but firmly as her kisses made their way down my body, her teeth find my hip bone as she bites playfully. I moan and wiggle under her, I can feel her finger nails in my thighs as she kisses over my pelvis and her hand gently holds my rock hard cock as she plants a slow teasing kiss on the tip. I watch her every move, her eyes focussed on mine as she slowly opens her mouth, her tongue poking out ever so slightly as she takes my head in her mouth, I feel her lips close around my member as my eyes close and hands grip the sheets. I feel something new, my head jots up, I look down and see her circling my cock with her tongue piercing. The smooth ball created a sensation like I never felt before; I felt my dick jolt with life getting harder than it’s been in months. My moans told her how good that felt, she giggled as her hand started to jerk my cock, slowly. Down, then up, she watched as my hips started to move with her motions, her mouth followed suit started taking my cock in her mouth, all the way down first, then back up slowly. She would suck with enough force to pull pre-cum out the tip. I felt my head fall back from the pleasure, I did my best to hold her hair out the way, but the feeling was out this world. She was an expert at the way she sucked my cock. Her motions got faster and faster, I could see at one point her hand explored its way down to her pussy as she fingered herself. She moaned with my cock in her mouth, only enhancing the pleasure I felt. She sucked her fingers and my cock at the same mixing the juices together. I almost came in her mouth right there and then.

She looked up and smiled, kissing her way back up my body, planting a deep kiss on my lips, our tongues wrestling with each other, I could feel her soaking pussy against me, I needed that, I wanted it. I broke the kiss and pull her up to my face; her sweet aroma filled my nose, as my lips hungrily found her pussy. I kissed her lips and quickly darted my tongue into her hole, tongue fucking her hard and fast. I could feel her hands gripping my hair as I ate her wet, dripping pussy. My eyes traced their way up her body to her face, I could see her eyes closed, mouth open as she moaned. I teased her clit with my tongue, rolling it in circles around her love bud. Her thighs try shutting around my head every time I suck on her clit, my hands gripping her ass pushing her down against my face. I feel her body tense as she moans and starts to shake, my mouth fills with her juices, as I lap at her pussy like a thirsty puppy. She rolls off my body laying next to me, her hands covering her face, gripping her hair. I smile mischievously not letting her catch her breath, I gently rub her pussy before getting on my knees between her legs, spreading them open, looking down at her body.

I start to rub my cock against her tender clit, watching her response, she moans, her eyes still closed. I start to rub a little harder, slapping my hard cock against her clit, she looks down at me and I smile. I guide my cock into her pussy, her juices made it easy for me to slide all the way in. Our hips pressed tightly against each other, I leave myself inside her for a while as I let my hands rub and caress her body and her voluptuous mountains. I started to slowly move my hips back, my pole sliding out of her cave slowly, I stop so my head remained inside her, holding her hips, I thrust hard against her. The whole bed shaking, leaning forward to get a good position I start to thrust in the manner, pounding against her pussy hard. I slow my rhythm down, slowly pushing my cock in and out of her, kissing her chest, her neck, up to her lips, moaning in to each other’s mouths. She pushes me off her onto the bed and sits on me, immediately guiding my cock into her as she sits on me. Looking down, her finger nails digging into my chest as she starts to rock back and forth on my cock, her motions slow and steady at first, her hips doing all the work. She starts to increase the pace and her boobs start to bounce a lot, she grabs them and starts to bounce herself on my cock. I reach my hands out around her back and pull her down against my chest, spreading my legs, from underneath I start to rapidly thrust my hips up and down fucking her hard. Sex noises filling the room, I feel her bite my neck, I feel my balls start to tighten, I’m moaning in her ear, I keep thrusting hard as I feel my legs weaken slightly as I start to shoot my load deep inside her wet cunt. I wrap my arms around her my thrust slowing down, still trying to apply force each thrust, I moan loudly, I can feel the sweat on our bodies as I release my hold on her, breathing heavily, we share another kiss, this time I can feel the emotions in the kiss as she lays down next to me, we cuddle and fall asleep in each other’s arms, ready for the next day.

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