The Lady in Red – The Dream

I walked into the bar with my family, and there she was sat on a bar stool, long red hair, red dress, huge boob, red heels, red nail polish and the to die for red lip stick. I took one look at this magnificent lady in front of me and I was in love. My parents walked over to her and sat me down next to her, they said she will look after me as they go about enjoying the party in the bar.

We talked for a while, she placed her hand on my thigh, and started to squeeze and caress, running her hand up and down my leg. I immediately got an erection, being young it was inexperience and she realised the excitement in my jeans. She got me to sit on the bar, facing her as she started to softly kiss my lips, I was so worried someone would see, but so excited I was about to explode in my jeans.

I started to kiss her back and the passion built up between us, before I knew it I was following her to a secluded room in the bar, where once again I was sat in front of her, she started to undo my jeans and slowly slid them off my legs, kissing softly up my thighs to my rock solid cock, which by now was covered in pre-cum, I moaned and sat back as I felt the warmth of her tongue circle my circumference. She would suck so slowly as she lifted her head then lead with her tongue as she took my full shaft in her mouth. She gripped her red hair with one hand and played with my balls with her other hand.

She took me to a sofa and slid off her red thong, and she straddled me, I was about to have sex for the first time, the anticipation was killing me, I was urging her to get lower and lower, and just as my tip slid into her wet pussy, I woke up, to a violent orgasm, feeling my underwear soak with cum. 16 years later and I still remember my first ever naughty dream.

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