The Lady in Red

The There’s something about her, something mysterious
Her perfect pout, so delicious
Her red lipstick, perfectly smeared over her lips
With Long red hair, flowing towards her hips
Red nail polish glistens, as it catches the light
There’s no one so beautiful, this night.

The way she smiles, drives me wild
Her touch against my skin, makes me giggle like a child
I can’t get enough of her rosy scent, her sweet perfume
One deep breath, and I feel at home
Her hand on my cheek, so soft against me
The anticipation builds, with this beautiful lady.

My hands placed gently, on her hips
With a passionate kiss, on her lips
Her hands wrap round my body, holding me tight
My lips move to her neck, just a gentle bite
Our clothes being removed, one item at a time
Tonight, this beautiful lady in red is all mine.

We kiss and fumble, all the way to the bed
I lay on top of her, soft kiss on her forehead
Our lips embrace, in a passionate kiss
As I guide my cock into her, beginning of bliss
My hips start to thrust, hard against hers
As I pick up the pace, changing gears.

Our moans start to fill the room, bouncing off the walls
Louder and louder, my name she calls
My motions get harder, gripping the sheets
Her legs wrap around me, crossing her feet
I enter her deeper and deeper
Feeling climax build, closer and closer.

I bite viciously against her shoulder, teeth marks imprinted on her skin
I feel the tension in my balls, I feel her orgasm begin
Her hole clamps shut, around my stiff rod
Screams fill the room, “oh my god”
I can’t hold it no longer, I’m about to explode
One big moan, and I blow my load.

My eyes open, I’m alone in my bed
My first sexual dream, the lady in red.

One thought on “The Lady in Red

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