Magic Hands

There I was laying on a table butt naked, with just a towel covering my lady parts, face down, waiting for my masseur. I hear the door open, “are you ready madam” I hear a husky french voice and immediately start to hope he isn’t attractive.

“Yes, I’m ready thank you”

He begins to pour oil into his hands, and starts to rub them together, gently placing them on the top of my back, running his hands up and down. The smell of lavender surrounding the room, as he starts to apply pressure to my shoulders, gently massaging them. I let out a soft moan, and he says “Oh, madame, you are very tense”.

His voice omg! He could melt me just by talking, I giggle and feel myself start to relax, to a point where I can barely speak or keep my eyes open. He massages my whole back, and moves down to my feet, working his way up my legs, applying just the right amount of pressure with his wonderful hands. I spread my legs ever so slightly, subconsciously, as he works his magic hands up towards my hamstrings. I feel him press and knead my muscles, literally feeling the tension released in them. His hands move higher and higher, and suddenly I feel a brush against my lips, it was in that moment, I got my feelings back, and realised my pussy was soaking wet. Was it an accident I thought, and just then his fingers brushed against me again, this time with a bit more pressure.
I gasped, as he gently placed his hand against my crotch and massaged very slowly. I tried to lift myself up, the combination of my relaxed muscles and him pressing down on my back, kept me face down on the table.

“This is all part of the relaxation, please just relax and enjoy the experience” is what he said. I couldn’t even stutter at this point because of what his hand was doing to my lady parts, it was out of this world. His fingers rubbing up and down my soaking slit, he would reach forward and circle my clit with his middle finger, I had started bucking my hips at this point. He would trace his hand back and slowly insert a finger into my accepting hold. The relaxing scent of lavender filled my lungs as I took in a deep breath. He had found my G-spot, and slowly teased me. I was letting out little squeals every time I felt his finger run against my G-spot. He started to move his fingers in and out of me, keeping them curved so they kept rubbing my G. I felt his other hand massage my bum, before reaching around to play with my clit. I buried my face in the table as I felt my orgasm engulf my body, screaming as my legs shook vigorously, my hole tightening up with his fingers still inside me, my body convulsing as I tried to catch my breath, relaxing down on the table.
He turned me around at this point, and moved my legs so they’re hanging off the sides of the table, when I saw his face, I had hearts in my eyes. The most gorgeous tanned man with a chisled face, and a stubbly beard. As I was in awe of this man, I felt his hand cup my pussy and rub slowly, his free hand massaged my breasts one at a time as he slid another finger into my pussy. Slowly he started to finger fuck me again, using his thumb to circle my love bud with every thrust of his hand. I could only grip the table, my head fell backwards, with in seconds I felt another orgasm brew, his fingers running against my G-spot, “omg omg omg omg” I feel it building, building, his hand pinching my nipples and the other thrusting in my hole, I lifted my legs as I felt my orgasm rush over my body, screaming out loud as my whole body shook from the intensity of this climax. He slowly pulled his fingers from my body, and washed his hands, placing the towel over my body, he said, “Your time is now up, thank you madame, you may get dressed in your own time”

I politely smiled, and collapsed for a moment on the table, “fuck me that was amazing” those hands were just magical” I felt so relaxed and so relieved, I couldn’t stop smiling as I got dressed and left.

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