My first time, my best friends stag weekend, being in a strip club is a surreal experience. I mean, how does a guy get off watching a girl do a couple minutes worth of dancing for him? This was my view on strip clubs, I’d usually be the one sat alone watching the drinks whilst all my friends got their dances and spent their money.

This time was slightly different, the girls were absolutely beautiful. I mean so beautiful to the point where I was tempted by so many to part with my money for a few minutes of watching them strip and tease me with their bodies. Each one, I managed to successfully insult, unintentionally of course, I just could not see the enjoyment of it, when there was a different girl every 5 minutes dancing on the pole in front of us for free.

Then it all changed when I laid my eyes on Ruby. Ruby may not even be her name, I also heard her being called Phoebe, but for the remainder of that evening she was known to me as Ruby. My whole view on life changed when I saw this magnificent young woman in front of me. She was dressed in a fishnet dress, with black heels and black underwear, no bra and her boobs and body exposed under the netting.

Ruby had the sweetest voice, when she asked “can I sit next to you?” my heart stopped beating and started racing at the same time. I could not believe that I was in the presence of such beauty. I truly had a case of “I’m in love with a stripper” syndrome. I remember noticing her blue eyes, and her smile, oh lord her smile made me weak at the knees. Every time she smiled, her perfect teeth, and the cutest of dimples would send my mind into over drive. Words do not do justice to this goddess I had in front of me. Her long blonde hair was silky and shiny, her skin looked so soft, it physically hurt me not being able to touch her apart from a brief handshake, and the way she smelt, was a sweet flowery scent, that instantly turned my eyes into love hearts.

I almost had my wallet out and just gave her everything I had, just to spend the night alone with her. But composing myself, I just a brief chat with her and said I will get a dance later. I kid you not this was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.

Fast forward a few hours and lots of dutch courage, I ended up back at the strip club, sitting around for a while when Ruby comes round the corner. All these feelings come rushing back, at around 5ft5 she was at the perfect height for me, what looked like a set of 34DDs were perfectly formed and perky. Her nipples weren’t too big but not too small, not too dark and not too light. Her ass was round and tight, and when she saw me, I knew this was it, I wasn’t going to be able to resist. And I didn’t, with in 60 seconds Ruby was taking me up the stairs for my first ever strip/lap dance.

I sat down and she started to dance, taking off her clothes slowly, until she was naked, the way she moved her hips, bent over in front of me, her round ass inches away from bouncing against my crotch. No matter what she did, I couldn’t help but look into her eyes, and see her smile. I recall telling her how beautiful she was, and how she was my idea of the perfect girl, in hindsight, she must have thought I was like every guy, saying the same things as every guy, I bet she felt sorry for me. But in this moment, I didn’t care, Ruby was mine even for a mere 5 minutes.

Going back to her dancing, the way she cupped her breasts, and traced them ever so closely to my lips, all I wanted to do was bite them and squeeze them, she brought her body so close to mine, her leg on the seat next to me, slowly running her finger against her pussy. I could literally have picked her up and taken her against the wall. She would bendover every so often and slide a finger into her hole, before turning round to face me again. Every time my eyes diverted to what she was doing I’d compose myself and redirect them to her eyes. I wanted her to feel how amazing I thought she was. The whole experience felt like an eternity, and when it was over all I could think about was how much I wanted this girl to be mine. It’s a fantasy I will never get to experience, but it’s an experience I will never forget.

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