Doorway Fantasy – The Other Side

I just want to rip her clothes off, just throw her against the wall, pull her legs up round my waist and pin her arms up above her head. I just want to thrust my penis deep inside her, and start to fuck her like there’s no tomorrow. I would dig my teeth into her neck, grip her ass so hard, biting my way to her ear lobe, all the way across her cleavage to the other side.

I would squeeze her thighs and use them to ram her whole body against mine, to fuck her so hard and so deep, pulling her away from the wall, her tiny little body wrapped around mind, I’d fuck her standing, throw her about, bend her over, spank her cute little ass, watch her boobs bounce all over the place as I fuck her like my little whore.

I’d grip her by her throat as I make her suck my cock, and then I’d make her stick her tongue out, with her mouth wide open so I could shoot my load all over her face, tongue and tits.

Oh fuck the things I’d do to Tina…

“Paul, hello… is my sister home?”

He stutters, composing himself, standing in the door way looking at his sister – in – law, he feels the bulge in his jeans get harder and harder, keeping the door ajar;

“No she isn’t her at the moment”

“Okay, I’ll come back later”

As Tina leaves, he grips his rock hard cock and squeezes watching her cute little bum walk away, biting his bottom lip, desperate to finish himself off.

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