My First Bride

*Snap, Snap, Snap* taking photos of this beautiful wedding, and all these happy faces, is one reason why I became a professional photographer. The happiness and joy on the faces of the happy couple as well as their families is bliss. The other reason I do wedding photography is the bridesmaids and women who attend the weddings. I find them to be so broody and horny at the same time, they’re easy targets for the odd one night stand or the short intense relationships without strings.

Ever since I was heart broken at as a young guy in my late teens, I have lost the emotional connection to women in a romantic sense, they’re now just items to help with my extremely high sex drive.

This wedding was slightly different, and what happened is not what I expected nor what I would ever condone. I was in the private quarters photographing the Bride and one of her bridesmaids, when the bride suggested that they take pictures of me as I’m always behind the camera. I was flattered and with each photo with the bride and her bridesmaid they would place their hands on inappropriate locations, for example: on my bum, really high on my thigh, pressing their bodies against me in seductive positions. Now as a guy with a high sex drive my mind was racing, could I ever sleep with a bride to be? The bridesmaid was stunning and so was the bride. My morals were being questioned.

They both unzipped their dresses and stepped out of them, my jaw was floored,

“Can we take some sexy pictures for my husband to be? He’s always had a thing for Kirsty (the bridesmaid)”.

How could I deny the bride her request and deny myself the easiest opportunity at some material for the Wank bank. I started taking photos of these beautiful women, posing in such seductive and endearing positions. I was almost lost in my own world, when they said;

“Come and take a picture with us, can you put the camera on a timer?”
I managed to stutter a response, “What about your groom?”

“Oh don’t worry, you can keep these for yourself” and she winked at me.

I immediately set up my camera and put it on a 10 second timer, and I ran over to the two ladies, one on either side of me in lacy underwear, their hands high on my thighs, the camera flashed.

“Do another please we weren’t ready”

I set up the camera again, and got back in the middle, they both planted kisses on my cheeks, close to my lips, the camera beeps as it counts down 3,2,1 and flash. As soon as the camera flashes, the next moment these two beautiful women, simultaneously place their hands on my crotch and kiss each other with both their lips pressing against mine, I almost came right there. I managed to push away slightly, being against a table it was quite difficult to move anywhere.

“Excuse me, what are you doing” I mutter as I try and move their hands!

“We know all about you and your reputation, and besides if you knew how many times my husband to be has slept with other women behind my back you’d understand.”

“But, you look so happy, and why are you marrying him?”

“He has a lot of money, I want to get my own, he has no clue I know about his infidelity”

With that they both kiss each other again and grip my crotch.

“Wait wait, what about the ceremony, and the door anyone could just walk in?”

“We’ve got plenty of time” she says, and whilst she assures me her bridesmaid locks the door from the inside, before I knew it she’s pushed me back onto the table, kissing my neck. By this point my cock has taken over and is thinking for me, I start to grab and caress her back down to her bum, my right hand waiting for Kirsty to join, and I start to do the same to her as she kisses my neck. Like pros they kiss their way up and down my neck, nibbling my ears, the bulge in my trousers ready to explode, they both undo and unzip my trousers and instantly without hesitation they pull my cock out and both kiss the tip as they kiss each other.

I moan instantly, and place my hands behind me as I see my trousers thrown to the other side of the room, the bride makes my cock her own, taking it deep into her throat, as her bridesmaid un buttons my shirt pulling it off me, kissing and biting my chest and nipples. She makes her way down my body to my thighs licking my balls from the side, lifting her tongue to meet the brides lips as she bobs her head up and down my shaft. They undress themselves and both straddle my legs rubbing their already soaking vaginas on my thighs, kissing me, kissing each other, scratching down my chest, wrapping their hands around each others, around my cock, keeping me rock solid, the bride makes her way down my chest in-between my legs and starts sucking my cock again, her warm lips firmly grip the tip as she forces her way down my pole. Kirsty moves behind her and starts to grip and spank her ass, getting onto her knees in between the brides legs she starts to kiss and lick her inner thigh, all the way up to her pussy, her tongue darting into her hole, I can feel the bride moan with my cock in her throat as these two beautiful ladies make my dreams come true.

A few minutes pass and by now the bride is moaning loudly, unable to keep my cock in her mouth, she pushes Kirsty away, and places her arms on the table next to me, bentover, ushering me behind her, I oblige like a good boy. Kirsty holds my cock, and starts to rub my tip against her wet hole, before gripping my ass and guides me into her brides hole, my hands holding her hips I start to thrust slowly, feeling each inch as it moves in and out of this love tunnel. Kirsty spreads my legs slightly, as I keep fucking the bride, she gets underneath the bride and I, her head between our legs as she licks her clit and my cock, as it fucks her best friends pussy. I start to get harder and faster with my thrusts, pounding against this beautiful bride, Kirsty stands up and gets in the same position next to the bride, I start to fuck Kirsty, hard, instantly, slapping my hips against her ass, they both kiss and rub each others bodies, boobs, clits as I keep changing, fucking the bride, fucking Kirsty, spanking them both, I can hear them both get close to orgasm, I fuck Kirsty hard until she squeals her juices running down her thighs, I move over and fuck the bride, slamming my rock hard shaft into her pussy, as her legs buckle, she screams into the table, as I feel the pussy clench my dick, her orgasm so intense her body shakes, I pull out as she falls to her knees, Kirsty next to her they slowly rub each others pussies until their climaxes subside, before turning their focus on to my cock, sucking it for dear life, tasting their juices on me, I’m not far from blowing my load, they place their tongues together as I moan, wanking myself furiously, I buck, and start to shoot my load, landing on their tongues, over their faces, they cup my balls and kiss each other, swapping my cum between them, lick my tip getting every drop of juice I can provide, using their fingers to take every drop off their faces in their mouths as they end with a passionate kiss, pushing me back and start to clean up and get themselves dressed again.

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