Doorway Fantasy

They are interwined, their bodies tightly together, his hand cupping her breasts from behind, whilst his other hand strokes and caresses her body, spanking her bum every few thrusts, slowly driving his penis into her vagina, kissing the side of her neck.

He lifts her leg to get in deeper, their moans echoing throughout their love cave, grunting and groaning, as she reaches back to grip his firm arse, digging her nails into him, forcing him to bury his full length deep inside her accepting canal. Their bodies moving in rythm with one another as he reaches forward, his finger tips finding her clit, lightly circling her as his thrusts get harder, he begins to bite her neck, sending shivers down her spine, as she tilts her head back, eyes closed, the shivers reach her pussy, her climax building up from there, she can feel herself about to explode, moaning and screaming, writhing against his body as his fingers keep teasing her clit, with the added sensation of his penis inside her she can’t take it no more, she’s about to explode about to cum, she can hear her name being called…. “Tina, Tina”..

Coming to her senses she realises she was standing in a door way, infront of her sisters husband, fantasising, blushing and flustered.

“Are you okay tina?”

“Yes, sorry I was Erm.. miles away”

“Like I said, jen isn’t here she’s gone to the mall, you’re welcome to wait for her”

Not trusting herself, she turns around and says she’ll come back later, quickly stumbling her way back into her car, feeling her juices run down her leg.

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