Restaurant Frenzy

They were sat at opposite ends of the restaurant, both with their respected partners. She keeps glancing over to him, smiling, twirling her hair. He could only smile and occasionally send a cheeky wink her way. Both have been having a dry spell in their relationships, and even though they had never met each other, there was an instant attraction and sexual chemistry between them.

She looked over to the toilets, smirking, running her thumb across her lips. Their intuition taking over, he excused himself to go to the lavatory, shortly followed by this sexual magnet of a woman. He went into the men’s and waited just for a few seconds as she came charging in.

Without hesitation they grabbed each other, kissing their faces passionately, stumbling into a cubicle. Their hands and arms furiously running up and down their bodies, he squeezes and caresses her breasts through her dress, pinning her against the wall, luckily, in the end cubicle there was a tad more room to manoeuvre. She started undoing his jeans furiously, pulling them apart and her hand darting into his boxers gripping his cock, stroking it hard and fast. He starts to lift her dress above her hips as she pulls out his cock, pushing his boxers down. She puts her foot on the lid of the toilet, as she pulls her underwear to one side, rubbing his head against her lips; she uses one hand to guide his cock into her wet dripping hole and the other to pull him closer to her by his bum, gripping his rear, digging her nails into his flesh.

She pulls him into her hard, their bodies slapping together, he grips her thighs and pulls her legs around his waist as he starts to pound her hard against the wall, kiss and biting her lips as he thrusts into her like a piston in a pistol. Their hands gripping and scratching, he grips her throat and pins her arms above her head as he stuffs every inch of his shaft into her love canal. Thrust after thrust, their bodies electrified with intense passion, they both can feel themselves building up to climax. She wraps her arms around his neck and buries her face in his neck to muffle her moans, giving him an indication to how close she is to cumming.

This leads him to change gears, as he increases his intensity, thrusting harder against her, causing her back to slap hard against the wall. His hands gripping her bum as he uses himself to batter her against the wall, like a battering ram try to break down a gate. Thrust after pound after thrust, they can feel the orgasms build in their loins; she grips his back with one hand, the other running through and pulling his hair.

Tightening her whole body around him as she buckles and writhes against his body, as her pussy muscles clench around his cock, her juices running down his cock, moaning into his neck, the tightening of her walls brings him to eruption. As his penis stiffens and relaxes rapidly, spasming, load after load gushing into her soaking wet pussy, holding tightly onto each other as they breathe heavily, embracing this moment of intense animalistic love making. His orgasms subsides, his manhood retracting slowly, limping out of her hole, they both grab tissues and wipe and clean themselves off, moaning, panting, breathing deeply to try and compose themselves. The weakness apparent in both their legs, shown by their inability to stand, needing to hold the walls of the cubicle to stabilise themselves. They get dressed and one after the other exit the toilet cautiously, without having said a word to each other, return to their tables after their 10 minutes of passion, they continue with their meals and respective partners.

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