Birthday Surprise

Saturday morning, Jeff is waking up from his heavy night out, moaning and groaning as he stretches and opens his eyes, feeling across the bed but only hits an empty unslept side of the bed. Waking up alone in bed is a frequent occurrence for Jeff as his wife is a successful business woman who frequently travels the globe speaking at conferences and increasing business. Jeff works in marketing and is successful in his own right, but generally he is the one left at home. They have no kids as Rachel is always travelling but they have discussed the possibility once she is satisfied with her business.

This Saturday morning was slightly different as it was Jeff’s 30th Birthday; the sun was beaming in through the windows on the crisp white sheets. Not expecting any noise from downstairs, Jeff heard some plates clanking and cupboards closing, immediately he sat up in his bed, hopped out of bed put on his bathrobe and started to psych himself up with courage before making his way down the stairs. He walks down slowly, peeking round the corner into the kitchen and he sees this tall blonde, wearing a very provocative French maid’s outfit. Jeff rubbed his eyes once, twice, three times, staring at this beauty in front of him. Jeff has always told Rachel his fantasies, and this was one of them, he couldn’t believe his eyes. Composing, he walks into the kitchen;

“Who the HELL are you? And what are you doing in my house?”

Startling this young beauty she drops the pan on to the stove, and turns around.

“Good morning Mr Jeff, my name is Candy and I’m here to service you today, for your birthday. Mrs Rachel hired me to take care of you whilst she is away”.

Smiling and giggling,

“I’ve made you breakfast, to give you energy for the rest of your day”.

“Rachel hired you?” Jeff confused, staring blankly at Candy. She picks up an envelope and hands it to Jeff, “Mrs Rachel asked me to give this to you when you wake up”.

He takes the envelope from her and opens it as he sits down, Candy plates his breakfast up and places it in front of Jeff and asks “would you prefer orange juice, apple juice or a beer?” Jeff looks up, “what?..” oh apple will be fine thank you” as he goes back to reading the letter which is hand written by his lovely wife,

“Hi darling, this is Candy, she is going to be yours for the day to do as you wish, I feel really bad I can’t be with you on your birthday and do this myself, so I got Candy to fill in for me. You have a free pass with this young beauty, and I will see you when I get back”.

Having to double read that letter, taking a big gulp, “so what exactly has my wife told you?”

“She has just said that anything you ask I shall do, she also said that I am allowed to please you sexually if it came to that.”

“Wow, I am absolutely speechless” Jeff staring at Candy. She says “eat your food and I will quickly tidy up”.

Jeff starts to eat his breakfast, as Candy clangs and clackers with the cleaning up. She comes and sits next to him and starts to rub his leg slowly.

“So are you enjoying your breakfast?” “Mhm” Jeff mumbles. He finishes his breakfast and stands up, showing an extremely hard erection in his robe, the result of Candy rubbing his leg. She smiles at him and winks at him, pointing to his manhood, “I see you are excited, would you like me to take care of this?” Reaching forward and beginning to stroke his shaft through his robe, her hand slipping underneath gripping his hard cock softly. He moans out load, closing his eyes and biting his bottom lip.

“Oh my word, you have such soft hands” Jeff moans through his breath. Candy’s pace picking up, looking intently at Jeff as he moans. She smiles at him, and places soft kisses on his cheek, down his neck, her free hand reaching up behind his head, stroking his neck and his hair, playing with his rod, feeling the pre-cum leak out his hole, she uses her thumb to rub it all over his head. Moaning into his ear as she says
“I can’t wait to taste you, your big hard cock feels so good in my hand”.
He undoes his robe as they both walk towards the stairs; Candy goes up the stairs first, holding his cock in hand guiding them up the stairs and into the bedroom. Jeff lets his robe slip off and she pushes him on to the bed, getting onto her knees, spreading his legs, she starts to kiss his inner thigh, first on the right, then on the left. Jeff being a modern man is completely smooth down below; she runs her tongue slowly up his thigh, until her nose hits his balls. She moves and starts to lick from the button of his sack up to the bottom of his shaft, watching him squirm as her mouth takes one nut into her mouth, sucking softly, before moving on to the next. Jeff is gripping the sheets, moaning as he feels her warm, wet mouth and tongue on his manly bits. She slowly and teasing runs her tongue up to his shaft, all the way up to the bottom of his glans, not licking his head just yet, kissing her way back down his length. Her hands gripping and squeezing his legs, his thighs, scratching lightly, Jeff is writhing, and wiggling in bed, his pre-cum starting to drip down the front of penis. She starts to make her way up his leg, kissing and biting gently, kissing along his waistline, moving his penis away with her hand, kissing the pre-cum that’s dripped on his to body, tasting his fluids and moaning. She holds his cock and takes the head in her mouth, rolling her tongue around his tip taking all his fluids in, her hand moving down his shaft, and then up, still sucking his head, flicking it up and down with her tongue.

She starts bobbing her head up and down, her lips following her hand as she pumps it up and down his pole, slurping and sucking, his cock getting wetter and wetter, his moans getting louder with each pump. She takes his cock all the way into her mouth, opening her throat, gagging ever so slightly, sticking her tongue out to lick his balls whilst his dick is in her throat. Jeff can only arch his back, the pleasure so intense he is struggling to make any sounds, just tilting his head backwards, gripping the sheets. Candy stands up slowly, leaving Jeff looking like a puppy wanting more and more, as she starts to strip, slowly, throwing her clothes at Jeff. She turns around and bends over with her legs together, slowly pulls her lacy underwear down, exposing her ass and pussy to Jeff. She reaches back and starts to slowly run her middle finger along her pussy, looking back at Jeff, she moans seductively. Moving back, she pushes him back down onto the bed, and sits on his waist, Jeff’s cock rock hard pressing against her pussy, sitting on Jeff in the reverse cow girl position. She starts to rub his cock against her clit, getting her juices all over him. Once she has coated his manhood with her juices she sits up a little and sits back down on his cock, taking his full length in her love canal. They both moan loudly, Candy sitting still her back towards Jeff, enjoying the feeling of his cock filling her hole. She starts to slowly move her hips back and forward, moving up and down a little every so often, she grinds slowly, gripping hold of his knees to keep balance as she fucks him slowly, just moving her hips and arse only, the rest of her body still as Jeff watches her movements. He grips her ass and spanks her bum, squeezing and gripping her, moving his hands up and down her back, caressing and scratching lightly. She starts to get faster with her movements, sitting up leaning backwards, placing her hands on the bed as she starts to pound on Jeff, with fast and hard motions. Her juices dripping down his balls, down onto the bed, his cock slipping out a few times, she sits up and turns around, leaning down and sucking his cock again, tasting their mixed juices.

Jeff is moaning like he hasn’t moaned in a while, “oh my god, you’re so amazing, the things you do with your mouth… oh my god” She straddles Jeff, facing him this time, her perky boobs in plain view, once again she starts grinding on him, rubbing her clit with round circular motions. Her boobs start to bounce as she gets faster, pulling Jeff up towards her so he is sitting up, she wraps her legs around his waist and grinds hard against him. He holds her in his arms, kissing and biting her neck, moving his lips to her breasts and sucks and bite her nipples like a hungry animal. She starts to bounce; up and down on him, Jeff trying to keep his hips moving at her pace, he leans back onto his elbows, and starts to thrust his hips upwards to meet Candy. Their legs and bodies slapping together, as he places his hands on her thighs gripping tightly, he can feel himself get closer and closer to climax, her sexual moans filling the room causing him to lose control. He looks up at Candy, moaning that he is close to cumming; she bounces harder and harder, faster and faster,

“oh god I’m going to cum, fuck fuck fuck fuck” as soon as these words leave Jeff’s mouth Candy jumps off his cock, and immediately puts her lips around his manhood and sucks hard, Jeff screams out loud as his thick, long stringy cum shoots into her mouth, filling it, he watches as she expertly swallows every load he deposits. Moaning and moving her hand up and down his shaft, milking him dry of all his fluids, pulling her lips up keeping them tightly around his cock, making a “pop” as she lifts off him. Licking her lips with her tongue, smiling at Jeff,

“mmm you taste so good Mr Jeff, I can’t wait to have some more”.

He lays back on the bed, panting hard, as his orgasm begins to subside, looking at candy in all her glory, he smiles.

She looks back at him, “we still have the rest of the day together, so you relax for a little while, I will go and get you a drink and be right back Mr Jeff”.

Candy leaves him a sweaty, heavy breathing mess as she goes downstairs to get his drink. Jeff only thinking about his wife and how this is the best most unique gift he has ever received.

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