The Porter

Debbie shuts the door, places her bags on the floor. She takes off her blazer, placing it on the back of a chair and placing her shoes neatly in a corner. She has been travelling for nearly 6 hours, sat in a 4 hour meeting and is now in a hotel room for the night. This is not an unusual day for Debbie; she is a very successful business woman, so she is always on the move up and down the country attending shows, meetings and fashion events. Being in the fashion industry Debbie knows how to dress to compliment her curvy figure. She is a beautiful size 14, with hips and curves to make any man’s imagination run wild. She is a fit woman, regularly visiting the gym. Her E cup breasts would always attract attention, whether in the board room, the gym or the supermarket.

She unbuttons her blouse leaving it hanging on her

shoulders, her big firm boobs catch her eye in the mirror, she admires her body for a moment, cupping and bouncing her breasts in her hands. Admiring her body, her hands start sliding up and down her body, slowly feeling her soft skin, as her hands unbutton her trousers, revealing her matching underwear. She steps out of her trousers, picking them up, folding them neatly and placing them on top of the table. She stands again in front of the mirror, running her hands down the side of her body, hitting every curve, sliding down the front of her legs then back up, again cupping her lady lumps. She smiles and giggles to herself, as she feels her excitement building. She stops caressing herself and walks over to the shower, turning it on full. She lets the bathroom steam up and she peruses through the in-room facilities and menu picking out some dinner to be ordered to her room.

She gets into the shower and lathers up her body with some moisturising soap. She caresses her body, her hands slipping and sliding all over her body, feeling every curve she has. Her skin smooth from the care she takes of her body, the water runs down her body between her crevices, down her belly, her legs, splashing onto the floor. She lets the water run for a few minutes washing the soap away, the heat calming her down as the luxurious aroma of her body conditioner fills the room. She turns off the shower and picks up the towel, she dabs herself lightly, drying her glistening smooth body. Picking off the robe from behind the door she wraps it tightly around her body, in perfect timing as there is a knock on the door.

“Room service”

Quickly stepping out the bathroom, closing the door, she opens the door to her room, and there stands a young man, bright faced, smiling as politely as one can.

“Good evening mam, I’ve got your order here”

“Oh thank you, please come in, you can put it on the table and I’ll get my purse”

Walking into the room, the spring door shuts behind the porter as Debbie goes into her handbag hunting for her purse, her robe loosens a little. She stands up right facing the porter, a hint of cleavage on display unknown to her, the porters gaze flickers between her face and her cleavage as she pulls out some change for a tip. Noticing the porter’s eyes moving up and down on her body she starts to feel mischievous. Putting the change back into her purse, she pulls out a £50 note, reaching forward to hand it to the porter. He immediately refuses and says

“That’s too much mam; I cannot accept that as a tip, but thank you very much for your gesture”.

Debbie smiles and places it on the table next to the food tray, “it’s okay, it’s for you, and there is more where that came from, if you would help me out just a little more?”

The porter is puzzled, but stares at Debbie waiting for a response; “Yes miss, what can I do for you?”

She opens her robe a little to show off more of her cleavage, moving forward towards this young fresh faced boy, barely a man.

“I would like you to please me, in any which way I ask you too” as these words leave her lips she places her hand on his crotch through his pants, squeezing him through his pants.

He mutters and mumbles, shocked, blushing instantly, “I could get in big trouble for this miss, it’s not a good idea”

She moves away and places two more notes on the table, “I think it’s a brilliant idea for us both, now go lock that door and come straight back here”.

The porter walks over to the door and walks straight back to where he was standing. Debbie pulls him close to her and starts to run her nose against his neck up to his ear where she bites gently, tugging at his ear lobe. She can hear his breath change and as he inhales sharply. Her hand moves to his crotch again and starts to rub and caress his manhood; she can feel him growing in her hand. Undoing her robe, she moves back and sits down on the bed, moving up the bed looking at the porter. She signals him to come closer, spreading her legs, rubbing her moist lips slowly. His eyes focussed on her movements, she tells him to “get in between my legs and eat me”. He politely obeys and moves himself between her legs, he kisses her thighs, biting at them gently, kissing both sides, before moving to her hand, as his lips touch her knuckles she spreads her lips open for him. His tongue slides up and down her slit tasting her fresh clean juices. The smoothness of her labia takes him by surprise but only spurs him on further. She lets out a little moan as his tongue finds her clit, slowly circling around, flicking up and down before placing his lips around her clit, kissing and pressing his tongue against her clit firmly.

She arches her back, her head dropping backwards, as the pleasure build up between her legs. His tongue circling her clit, “fuck me with your tongue” Debbie moans. Her hand moving down to start rubbing her clit slowly, as she feels his tongue lick the inside of her walls, he thrusts his head forwards and backwards, keeping his tongue stiff, fucking her pussy with his tongue. Debbie is rubbing harder and harder, as she bucks and writhes on the bed moaning, as she starts to climax, gripping the sheets with her free hand, as her movements get slower her hips forcing his tongue deeper as her juice cover his lips and half his face. Her back falls back down on the bed, moaning and panting heavily; she sits up on her elbows looking down at her living sex toy.

“I want you to strip, slowly, and then get on top of me and fuck me”.

He starts to take off his clothes, slowly, stripping taking off his jacket, his pants, leaving just his socks on, standing there with his rod, standing up at attention. He crawls onto the bed and over the top of Debbie looking down at her, she reaches below and holds his cock in her hands, moving her hand up and down slowly, keeping him stiff, she pulls him closer by his pole, guiding him to her tunnel, as she presses his head against her lips, she uses her other hand to pull him into her by his bare smooth ass. Pulling him till his full length is buried inside her, they both moan loudly as she starts to guide his movements, gripping his waist, moving his hips up and down, slowly in and out of her. She places her hands on his back letting him take charge of his motions. Debbie gently digs her nails into his back as he starts to thrust with a little vigour, still keeping the pace slow. She wraps her legs around him, pulling him harder into her every few thrusts. Debbie directs the porter to kiss her chest, her cleavage, she holds her breast as she instructs him to kiss and suck on her nipples, one breast at a time. Debbie moans loudly as he bites on her nipples. She moves her legs back on to the bed, spreading them as wide as she can, her hands now gripping his ass as she starts to writhe and dance her hips below him. With one swift motion, she pushes him off her on to his back and she is on top of him, riding him slowly, in a rhythmic belly dancer like fashion. Watching his eye roll back into his head as the pleasure is a sensation he has never felt before. She grips his chest with her nails as she starts to bounce a little faster on his dick. Her tits bouncing up and down with her movements, she gets harder and faster, sitting up again, his full length deep inside of her as she leans back to cup and play with his balls, massaging them carefully as she fuck his cock faster. His moaning getting louder as the porter begins to move his hips to meet hers, he starts to grip the bed, his head moving backwards, forwards, side to side as she feels his orgasm building up inside him, his already hard cock getting stiffer inside of her, she bounces hard one last time, before jumping off, getting between his knees and sucking his tip whilst thrusting her hand up and down his shaft. He moans out one last time as Debbie opens her mouth to meet the first spurt of cum hitting her tongue, she moans as the lets the rest splash her cheeks, her lips, her tongue and chin. She milks the rest of his cum out onto her fingers and lets it drip down onto her tongue, sitting on her knees she looks down at this young lad, his cum dripping down her cheeks on to her breasts, as she picks it up with her fingers tasting every drop she can get.

Smiling down at the porter, she gets up, reaching for a face wipe, cleaning the rest of his cum off her face and tits, she puts her robe back on and brings her food tray onto the bed.

“You can get dressed and leave now, thank you for your services, don’t forget your money” she says as she innocently turns on the TV and starts to eat her food.

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