Date Night

Sam and Melanie since moving in together have had an agreement whereby they have date night every Friday night. This one Friday Sam decided to do something different, something special for date night. It has been months since they’ve properly connected sexually and they both feel distant from each other.

Sam gets home a few hours before Mel this Friday, and he does some of the chores, texting Mel, telling her how much he loves her, how much he misses her body against his. The texts becoming sexual, short little exerts of the things he would like to do to her. Saying things he had only done a few times, or never done at all but things they’ve discussed previously.

“I can’t wait to pull your hair and bite your neck”, “I want to bend you over and spank you like my naughty little slut”.

He could tell from her responses she was getting very excited, this in the last 6 months was an alien feeling to them both. The foreplay continued for a while before it stopped completely. Sam left Melanie to use her own imagination as he waited at home for her, laying down rose petals from the front door to the bathroom. He had lit candles and had soft music and dim lighting throughout the house, waiting for her to come home. Mel walked through the door to a surprise, the look on her face was of surprise and sheer joy. She saw a sign saying follow the rose petals, she threw her stuff next to the door and started following the rose petals up the stairs and into the bathroom. She walked in to find the shower running but no sign of Sam, just as she entered fully into the bathroom he sprung out from behind the door, pushing it closed and at the same time pushing Mel against the door, pinning her hard against the door, kissing her hard square on her lips. The shock was still setting in her heart racing, as his hands caressed her body, her face and her neck. He pulled away momentarily, just to look into her eyes and he could see the lust build in her eyes, the raw animalistic passion between them was apparent.

He grabs her wrists and holds her arms above her head as he starts to kiss her face, kiss her neck, moving to her lips. He starts to gently bite on her neck, moving his lips up to hers, kissing her lips, biting her bottom lip and pulling it with a little vigour. His hands move to her neck, scratching and caressing her neck, moving up through her hair grabbing a handful and pulling her head back. He bites her neck hard, making Mel squeal, he then starts to undress his wonderful girlfriend out of her work clothes. He removes her blazers and starts to unbutton her blouse, sliding it off her shoulders onto the floor, his hands cupping and caressing her breasts through her bra, his lips moving to her chest, kissing her cleavage, the goose bumps are apparent over her skin. He reaches round and unclasps her bra and slides it off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor, he kisses her boobs gently, his lips sliding across them, between them. He cups them in his hands, sucking on her nipples one at a time, using his teeth to bite and pull on them. The moans escaping Melanie’s lips, getting louder and louder:

“Oh god baby, this is amazing”, gripping and running her fingers through his hair. “I am so wet right now, I’m so horny for you baby”.

His kisses move down her body, as he slides her skirt and tights down, pulling her heels off followed by her tights. Kissing his way down her legs slowly, caressing them with his hands, squeezing her thighs, reaching up behind her squeezing and caressing her bum as his lips kiss across her waist line. She can feel her legs get weaker and weaker as his lips move lower, gently kissing all the way along her French knickers. Pulling them down slowly, looking up at her beautiful green eyes, he kisses his way up her inner thighs, spreading her legs a little as his lips reach her lips, kissing her moist mound. Melanie moans out loud as shivers run down her body, he kisses again, this time his tongue running all the way up and down her slit, sliding his tongue into her wet accepting hole. His tongue traces its way up to her clit as he focuses on her clit for a while, kissing and sucking on it gently, flicking his tongue all over it, all around it and pressing his tongue hard against it. He can feel her legs get weaker as her grip on his hair get tighter.

“Fuck baby, that feels so good, I’ve missed your tongue on my pussy, lick it more baby” Her words just encourage him to get faster with his tongue on her clit, gripping her ass hard, as she uses his head to stabilise herself.

“I’m so close baby, I’m going to cum” – Sam, squeezes her ass hard, licking faster, kissing her clit, sucking it, squeezing his hands tighter, as her legs get weak, she moans out loud “IM CUMMING, FUCK FUCK FUCK” bucking and losing her legs beneath her as she cums all over his face, moaning out loud. Sam is moaning with her, tasting her juices, shoving his tongue all the way in to her wet tasty love canal. He stands up slowly, kissing his way up her body, to her lips kissing her hard on the lips, shoving his tongue into her mouth as his hand grips her neck hard.

Whispering in her ear now I want you to get on your knees and suck my cock before I fuck you like my personal whore”.

Mel slips to her knees as same pulls down his shorts and boxers, exposing his rock hard shaft. He grabs her by her hair and guides her to his cock, without hesitation she grabs it with her hand and sucks the tip before taking his whole length into her mouth, gagging instantly. Sam holds her against him, keeping his full length submerged in her gagging throat. He pulls her head back by her hair, looking down at her, seeing her eyes filled with tears. She returns and starts bobbing her head up and down his cock, her hands gripping his ass and cupping his balls gently squeezing them in her hand and rolling them lightly.

Looking up at Sam “I can’t wait to have your cock buried in me” as she sucks his cock again, her hand moving up and down his shaft getting faster and faster with each pump. He moans loudly, she slurps on his cock, sucking and then blowing as she moves up and down. He pulls her back by her hair and pulls her up to face him, pushing her back against the door and lifting her up, putting her legs around his waist, she helps him guide his cock to her entrance as he pushes hard, his full length enters her immediately as they hold each other in a passionate embrace, keeping his full manhood deep inside her. Her hands gripping and scratching his back as they moan into each other’s necks, he holds her thighs as he starts to slowly thrust against her. His cock moving in and out of her inch by inch, as they start to kiss each other passionately. His thrusts getting harder and rougher, putting her legs down he pulls away from her turning her round and pushing her face into the door and pulling her hips back, making her bend over, he hold his cock and places it at her entrance, moving his hips slowly forward, his tip pushing into her separating her lips as he inserts himself into her wetness. He hold this position for a moment and spanks her ass hard, leaving a hand print immediately. She winces in pain, but moans in pleasure, his hand grip her hips and he starts to pound her pussy from behind. Their bodies slapping hard against each other, his balls swaying back and forward, she is forced to hold the door to keep her head from banging against it. He slaps her bum every now and then, going straight back to using her body as a battering ram for his knob. Her moans and screaming echoing throughout the bathroom, he uses one hand and sucks his thumb, before pushing it into her ass, making her tense up a little, before letting herself relax and enjoy the sensation. He keeps fucking his girl,

“you like that baby don’t you, your pussy feel s so good around my cock” He pulls away and pulls her against his chest, kissing her neck, then gripping it from behind, pulling her head back and to the side so he can kiss her lips. Taking her hand into the shower, letting the water cover their bodies as he grabs her face with his hand, pulling her to his, kissing her hard, biting her lip once again. He pushes her away and bends her over once again, going straight back to fucking her. The water adding a new sensation to the mix as her muscles clench around his cock, squeezing him, as she is reaching climax, getting closer and closer, he feels his orgasm coming. Sam reaches forward to squeeze and caress her boobs and he fucks her from behind, moaning, loudly;

“I’m going to cum baby, Oh Mel” “Sam, Fuck, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum”, “Cum baby” he growls out at her as he pulses one more time, his sperm spurting deep into her pussy, as she feels the heat of his semen fill her hole, she climaxes all over his cock, screaming out loud. Panting hard, he pulls away and rest on the opposite wall as Mel stands up straight looking straight at him smiling.

“That was amazing baby, so unexpected, omg, it felt so fucking good” He moves closer to her, and kisses her gently on the lips. “Let’s shower, we have reservations at 8, we can have round two later” He winks and smiles at her as they both shower and continue with their evening.

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