Valentine’s Hero Part 2

He steps out of his jeans and his boxers swiftly follows as his hard cock jumps up, right in her face. She gasps at the stiff rod in front of her, as a smile creeps on her lips, her hands start moving up his legs as she moans “mmm” softly, reaching his balls, cupping them gently, looking up at Ben’s reaction, he is watching her every movement, enjoying the attention he is getting. She takes the tip and places her lips against it and give his rock hard cock a little kiss, before moving down his shaft, kissing it softly, all the way down to his balls. Jenny then licks her way up his length, before taking his cock in between her lips and sliding it into her mouth. She takes it all the way in, slightly gagging as his full length is in her mouth. She pulls her head back, sucking hard on the tip, before sliding back down again. Her hand moving up and down, with the movement of her lips. She slurps on his cock, and then spits on his, rubbing her hand up and down faster, looking up at Ben’s face, his eyes shut, his lips slightly parted as his manly moans fill the room. She starts to suck on his balls, licking each one independently, sucking and licking her way back up to his cock. Her hands move to his buttocks and she squeezes his cheeks as she pulls him towards her mouth forcing his cock all the way into her mouth, deep throating him and holding her position, moaning and choking on his cock. She signals him to start thrusting into her mouth as he reaches down and grabs a handful of her hair, pulling her head back and forth, using her mouth to fuck his cock. She starts to caress her boobs as she unbuttons his shirt, pulling it off whilst she continues to suck on his stiff pole.

Her big bouncy boobs now out for playtime, she pulls away from his cock and starts to squeeze and caress her boobs for Ben. He moves closer and places his wet hard cock between her boobs, she squeezes them around his cock as he starts to thrust slowly, she spits on his cock and makes it nice and slippery, as she titty fucks him. Both of them are moaning, thrusting against each other, she sucks his tip each time he thrust against her chest. He grabs her hair and pulls her up, standing in front of each other, he grabs her with one hand by the cheeks and pulls her into his face, kissing her passionately, gripping her hair and neck, keeping their face close, their tongues intertwined, biting each other lips as they kiss furiously. Her hands wander down, one squeezing his leg, the other gripping and pulling on his cock gently, keeping him hard. His hands move from her face and head down her body, squeezing her boobs, pinching and pulling on her nipples, making them hard. He starts to kiss and bite her ear lobe, moving his hands to her lower back, scratching and caressing her back and moving down to her bum. She squeals as he squeezes her bum hard, pulling her body close to him, his cock pressed against her pussy, rubbing through the jogging pants.

He tucks his thumbs into her jogging bottoms and starts to slide them down, moving down with them, kissing her as he goes down, his lips pressing against every part of skin, holding his arms around her waist and bum, as he kisses her belly and moves lower and lower, turning her round and pushing her onto the sofa, gripping her legs and spreading them, kissing her thighs slowly, biting as his lips move higher and higher and closer to her wet pussy. Her breath getting faster and shallower as she anticipates the encounter of his lips against hers, he grips her thighs as he looks up at her face, moving his lips to within touching distance of her pussy. Her hips try to thrust to reach his lips, firmly holding her down to prevent them touching, he smiles then lowers his head gently, kissing her pussy. Jenny lets out a long, loud moan in pleasure as she finally get his warm lips against her, he kisses slowly up and down her pussy, bring a hand in between to spread her lips, sliding his tongue against her wetness, running it down, then up to her clit, slowly teasing her, before pressing it firm against her pussy. Her body writhing, thrusting up to meet him, the sensitivity of her clit is out of this world, due to all the anticipation and teasing. She grabs his head, spurring him on, he starts to hungrily eat this juicy Valentine’s pussy. Gripping her waist, her hips, his hands moving up to her boobs, squeezing, caressing them, and pinching her nipples as his tongue darts in and out of her pussy, then up and down to her clit and back into her pussy. Tasting her juices, getting them all over his face, his hands move down and round grabbing her ass and pulling her hips off the sofa and into his face. Jenny starts to scream, starts to pull her legs around Ben’s neck as she feels herself come close to orgasm, she is panting:

“I’m going to cum; I’m going to cum, oh fuck me, that feels so good”.

Ben keeps eating her pussy, bringing a finger to her hole sliding it in slowly, as his kisses and rolls his tongue furiously around her clit. His finger pushed all the way in, curled as he pulls it out slightly, finding her g-spot as she screams:

“oh my god, Fuck, yes, right there, oh god yes”. He starts to thrust with his finger, and suck her clit with his mouth, knowing Jenny is closer he get faster, he gets a little harder, she is so close, her legs tighten around his neck, her pussy clamps around his finger as she screams out loud, cumming hard on his finger, her juices gushing out, all over the sofa. Ben quickly removes his finger and kisses her pussy, licking her juices tasting her, before sliding up and kissing Jenny square on the lips, forcing his tongue into her mouth, making her taste her own sweet nectar. Just as Jenny is catching her breath, he places his cock at her tunnel entrance, looking down at her as he slowly slides it into her pussy. Pushing till his whole length is buried in her wetness. She gasps and grips the sofa, as the pleasure takes over. Ben pushes himself onto his hands, and he starts to slowly push into her, pulling out slowly, keeping an inch inside her before pushing himself back into her. He kisses her neck, biting her, as he starts to get faster, a little bit hard, moving his hand gripping her neck gently but hard enough to be rough. Her hands move to his back, scratching down his back hard enough to make Ben wince, he starts to get rougher with her, pulling her to the edge of the sofa her legs pushed up knees by her forehead, he stands, leaning over her and starts to fuck her harder. Both of them moaning loudly, his balls slapping against her, the wetness between them filling the room with all sorts of sex noises. Jenny grips her legs hard, keeping them towards her head, as she watches his hard cock pound her, in and out.

He pulls himself out of her pussy as he is getting closer and closer to cumming, pulling her down on to her knees, making her suck his cock, gripping her hair, pulling her head back as he starts to wank with his free hand, slapping his hard cock against her tongue. Her mouth open and waiting for him to blow his seed all over her face and into her mouth. Gripping her tits, caressing them, moaning, playing with her pussy,

“Cum for me Ben, I want to taste you so bad”

As she finishes her sentence, he moans out loud, and squeezes his cock, before his sperm spurts out, over her face hitting her on the eye lid, falling into her mouth, he directs the next shot into her mouth, she put her lips around his tip taking the rest of his cum in her mouth, he moans loudly, his knees getting weak. His cock gets limp as he pulls it out her mouth; she looks up at him, sticking her tongue out swirling his seed around in her mouth before swallowing every drop. Smiling up at him, licking her finger with the rest of his cum she has scraped off her face, Smiling and breathing heavy at each other.

“Oh my god that was fucking amazing” She says. “Oh fuck yeah” Ben replies. Caressing her boobs a little as he sits down on the sofa, she sits next to him, gripping his leg, just as the doorbell rings.

They both laugh and quickly try to get dressed; Before Jenny leaves her Valentine’s hero’s abode.

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