Valentine’s Hero Part 1

Jenny was so unexcited to be finishing work as late as she was. A successful financial accountant, Jenny, was working late on a Friday evening, coming up to 7pm. Her night consisted of dinner for one in front of the TV, watching the romantic comedies that would be plastered all over every TV channel as it was that time of the year, Valentine’s Day. The day most single women dread. Jenny however had become used to this, her second Valentine’s Day without a gentleman companion. Her usual routine would be, Wake up, exercise, have some breakfast, work, gym, home, food, TV, some self-pleasure time and then repeat the next day. Jen had gotten into a routine, but this Friday was a night as she wasn’t able to leave work at her usual 5pm.

The frustration grew as she knew she would be able to go to the gym tonight, get her endorphins coursing through her veins and use the buff men at the gym in her “wank” bank later on that evening. She started to pack her things away and making her way out of the office. Her work attire fitted her body like a sleeve. Every curve was met with soft material, her blouse open enough to entice every boob lover to peer towards her 34DDs. Her skirt long enough to be professional, short enough to cause imaginations to run. Her hair tied in a ponytail, with the glasses; she was the perfect model for every guys dream work colleague. Jenny as guys would say would fit into the category of a pornstar secretary.

Driving home, Jenny played her music out loud, to drown out the busy, stressful week she had just encountered. She is busy singing to her hearts content. Reaching about half way home, 10 miles to go, she takes a shortcut to shave valuable minutes off her journey. Jenny not realising her fuel gauge is showing empty, her car now running on fumes. Her music stops, as her phone has just run out of battery and just as she throws it in frustration her car starts to jerk and slow down. Pulling over to the side of the road she screams and thrusts her hands against the steering wheel. Trying to turn the key, with the ignition churning, but the car refuses to start. She sits in her car almost crying to herself, breaking down for the first time in a long time. She composes herself and has a look around to try and figure out her surroundings. She spots a light on in the near distance, getting out her car and she begins walking to the light, with her uncharged mobile phone and car keys in hand. Just as she is approaching the light, she sees it is a little cottage hidden in the trees and shrubbery. The heavens open suddenly and within seconds Jenny is drenched wet, she looks up at the sky, “why me, why do you hate me today?”

Approaching the cottage, Jenny is thinking “this is a really cute place; I could definitely live in a place like this”. Knocking on the door, this man opens the door, not expecting to see what she has. Jenny is stunned, her mouth dries, and her eyes widen as she blushes;

As he is saying “hello”, “hello”, “HELLO”

“Oh my, I’m so sorry,” she mutters clearing her throat, “I was just admiring your house”.

“Thank you, can I help you”? He stands confused, staring at Jenny, with her now wet outfit, wet hair and red cheeks.

“Yes, I’m sorry for troubling you, my car has just run out of fuel and my phone’s battery has just died, am I able to use your phone to call recovery?”

Seeing the state Jenny is in, not doing anything this evening, this strange man allows Jenny into his house. “Let me get you a towel”. If you just make yourself comfortable over there, directing Jenny into the living room.

“Thank you” she says as she stands in the living room, shivering a little. He brings her the towel and she starts to dab her face and neck slowly, moving down her chest, arms, not realising this is teasing this handsome young man.

“Oh I’m sorry, my name is Jenny” she extends her hand out to greet this kind man. “Hi, I’m Ben, nice to meet you”.

“Thank you for allowing me into your house, it’s such a beautiful home, do you live here alone?” Jenny tries to build a rapport as she continues to dry herself with the towel. “Yes, I’ve lived here a few months now; it’s a really nice place, thank you”.

The conversation stops as Jenny stares at this guy standing in front of her, his face covered with neatly shaven stubble, his bright green eyes complement his tanned skin. Jenny was not a short lady at around 5”8, he stood above her must have been at least 6”2. Wearing a loosely fitted t-shirt, his muscly arms were apparent, the V shape of the T-shirt allowing his chiselled chest to show, wearing light blue jeans that complemented his toned ass. Jenny smiles to herself thinking “Thank you, I’ve got my images for tonight”.

“So would you like to use my phone?” Ben interrupts her mind before it wanders too far. “Yes please, thank you”.

Jenny calls her recovery company, who have advised her as its Valentine’s Day, it will be a very long wait, she is looking between 2 and 3 hours before a recovery vehicle will get to her. She tries to argue on the phone for a moment, before conceding and hanging up the call. She passes it back to Ben,

“Thank you, they said it could be up to 3 hours” Her frustration clearly apparent, before quickly realising its Valentine’s Day. “OMG, I’m so sorry, it’s Valentine’s, I hope I’ve not interrupted your evening?”

“No not at all I don’t have any plans tonight, so you are more than welcome to wait until the recovery people arrive” Smiling, “Thank you so much, I really appreciate that”.

Seeing the wetness dripping from her clothes, “let me get you a dry shirt and some jogging pants and I will put your clothes in the tumble dryer, they’ll be dry before the recovery vehicle arrives”.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to cause any fuss”.
“It won’t be a fuss, come with me”, he directs her to the rear of the house; “if you go in there, that’s the bathroom you can change in there.”

Waiting for Ben to bring her some clothes, she waits in the bathroom, catching herself in the mirror, “oh my look at the state, I’m in” running her hands through her hair, starting to unbutton her blouse, not realising she hasn’t closed the door yet. Ben comes through with some clothes for Jenny, “here you go” he says. She turns around her hands half way down her blouse her cleavage in full view; he turns around and extends his hand out with the clothes “I’m so sorry”. Jenny grabs the clothes embarrassed, “I didn’t mean for you to see that, I’m so embarrassed”. He leaves her to change, her hands tremble as she undresses herself, the door now just slightly ajar, she stands in her matching bra and underwear. Taking her bra off first, cupping her boobs with the towel, drying her body, sliding her underwear down her legs, following with the towel, dabbing down drying herself. She drops the towel and stands in front of the full body mirror, admiring her body, cupping and squeezing her boobs, she finds her mind wandering once again to the man whose house she is in. She can feel herself moisten. Jenny moves her hand between her legs, lightly rubbing her lips, letting out a soft moan, before sliding a finger into her now dripping hole. Her eyes close, her legs start to get weaker, she slowly fingers herself, moaning into her hand.

“Are you okay?” Ben asks from just outside the door, shocking Jenny back to reality. “Yes, ahem, yes, I’m okay, I will be out soon”. Jenny’s mind begins to race, “did he hear me?” “Did I moan out loud?” Her breathing gets heavier, as she struggles to focus on anything a part from the feeling between her legs. It builds and builds as she pulls on the jogging bottoms and ties the string. Putting the shirt on, doing all the buttons up, Jenny walks out of the bathroom slightly flustered.

Entering the living room, looking at Ben sitting waiting on her, she can’t help but think of how he looks without those clothes on. She sits across from him, as excited as she has been in a very long time. Her nipples poking through the shirt, without realising she thanks Ben for the clothes.

“Would you like a drink?” he asks. His eyes wandering from hers to her chest, Jenny notices his and smiles to herself, thinking “I am going to have some fun tonight, I deserve it after the week I’ve had”. “Yes please, just a glass of water, thank you”. Ben gets her drink and Jenny stares at his rear the whole time it is in view.

“Here is your water” as he hands her the glass, she reaches forward and accidentally on purpose, knocks the glass over getting the water all over Ben’s jeans.

“Omg I am so sorry”, she starts to pat his jeans with the towel he gave her. “I am so clumsy sometimes”. “It’s okay, don’t worry”, he tries to back away a little, she pretends to be so focussed on the accident, acting like she doesn’t realise she has been patting his crotch area whilst on her knees in front of him. Ben starts to get hard in his jeans and Jenny can feel it, squeezing his now hardening manhood a couple of times before jumping up, “I am so sorry, I got a bit lost there, maybe you want these joggers back?” She jokes and hands Ben the towel.

“No no, its fine” She smiles at him, noticing his bulge as she sits down. “I see, I’ve accidentally excited you, I didn’t mean to pat your area”. Ben blushes, “I guess we are even” Jenny says, “you’ve seen my cleavage and now I’ve seen what you are hiding in there”. The horny devil inside of her takes over now and she grabs his cock through his jeans, “I would like to see it out of your jeans and show you how much I appreciate you being my hero tonight”. Ben is speechless, stuck to the floor in shock. Jenny starts to caress him gently through his jeans, “you are such a gorgeous man, I haven’t been with a man in such a long time, let alone seen a man of your physique, I hope you don’t mind if I do this?” As she gets back onto her knees and places her mouth around his manhood through his jeans, biting lightly. Ben moans, still not able to get any words out, as he watches his jeans get unbuttoned and this zip pull down slowly. Jenny looks up at his green eyes, as she begins to slide his jeans slowly down his muscular long legs.

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