Airport Frisk

“Beep beep beep” the metal detector goes off.

“Please step aside madam”,

The police officer asks politely.

Frustrated from a long 12 hour flight, Samantha is on edge, to say the least. Her whole journey consisted of the most vivid sexual fantasies she has experienced since her divorce 6 months ago. Unsure what’s caused the machine to beep, Her voice husky as she was barely awake she asked “what’s this about?”

“Please raise your arms ma’am, we need to run the metal detector across you, to see what’s caused the machine to beep, do you have any jewelry or a watch or a belt on currently?”

Knowing the burning between her legs, the wetness from her wild imagination Samantha hesitates for a minute, “I don’t feel comfortable being searched in public, is there a room we can go to?”

“Of course, if you will follow me”, the young police officer instructs. As they walk away from the crowd to a private room, She notices his broad shoulders, his toned physique, the way he carries himself, her imagination awakens again, as images begin flashing in her mind of an extremely sexual nature”

“I will need you to open your bags so I can inspect your luggage and if you could stand with arms open and legs slightly apart”.

Samantha stands as instructed, being told what to do is making her wet with anticipation, she hasn’t had a cock in over 6 months, she practically wants to rip his uniform off and pounce on him. She takes a deep breath as she throws off her long coat, revealing her white shirt, unbuttoned at the top, her voluptuous breasts are now in full view. Immediately the officer sees the blessings in front of him, taking a huge gulp, he composes himself. Samantha stands as instructed waiting for the young officer.

“I am just going to pat you down first then run the metal detector afterwards, are you comfortable with that miss”?

In a nervous shaky voice, “yes that’s fine”.

He starts to pat her down from her right wrist along her right arm, all the way to her shoulder, then across too her left arm, very lightly brushing her chest, he pats the left wrist up to her shoulders. Using both hands on either side of her torso, he pats down, Samantha leaning forward ever so slightly, her cleavage peaking through the top of her shirt, almost pressing against the young officers face as he pats his way down her right leg to her right ankle, then back up her left leg, which felt like an eternity to Samantha. A slight moan escapes her lips, immediately she tries to cover her mouth and blushes.

The officer doesn’t acknowledge it, just continues up her leg, this time he grips her thigh a little firmer and a little higher before moving up and facing Samantha and her flushed face.

“Can you turn around please and stand arms open and legs slightly apart miss”?

She turns and stands waiting to feel his manly hands on her body again, once again he starts from the right side, moving to the left, both hands down either side of her shoulders and down the side of her body and back up to just under her boobs, making sure he pushed them up slightly, his hands travelled down her body hitting her waistline before moving them down her right leg. Samantha can feel herself get shaking, her legs get weaker, she can almost feel an orgasm begin to build inside her, “oh my god, I’m so horny right now” she says to herself. The officers hand moving up her left leg, slowly, getting even higher this time, his hand virtually reaching her hot excited pussy. As he stands, his hands cup the bottom of her bum, taking Samantha by surprise, losing her balance and falling forward, hands pressed against the wall, she can feel the officer pressed against her, she let’s out an “oh fuck” before the officer steps away, and she turns to face him, face flustered, pussy dripping. Its now or never she thinks, leans forward slightly, to kiss his lips, the tension building as their lips meet, she sighs deeply, and is pushed back against the wall, starting to moan, gripping his back pulling him close to her body, their clothes being ripped off rapidly. The officer whispers into her ear “we don’t have much time” as he pulls her legs around his waist, pulling her underwear to one side, as he starts to grind on her with some force. Her hands running down his torso, and undo his belt and trousers pulling them down as quick as she can! Feeling his hard cock spring out she grips him in her palm and starts stroking him slowly, kissing each other fully and passionately. He grabs her thighs and caresses as he bites her neck and up to her ear lobe, her breathing getting heavier and heavier, she guides his hard throbbing rod to her wet willing pussy, her hands reach around as he enters her, inch by inch, she almost screams with pleasure, needing this so bad for so long, she digs her nails into his back as he starts to thrust harder and faster against her, banging her against the wall.

The young officer carries her his dick still buried in her as he throws her on to the table, leaning forward to get every inch inside her, gripping her hands he starts to fuck her like an animal. Body’s slapping together, he spreads her legs, as he stands, looking down at samantha’s body, her boobs bouncing as he pounds her furiously. His hands gripping her hips using her as a battering ram against his body, she can feel her pussy tighten around his member, as her climax builds and is coming to eruption. Both are moaning getting louder and louder, her tightening canal causing the officer to get closer to his climax, after a hard thrust, they both moan as their climaxes explode together, his warm seed filling her wet gaping hole. Her legs shake, her body shudders, her grip around his body loosens, as they catch their breath, flustered and sweaty. They both stand as Samantha roots for a wet wipe to clean herself up, the officer gets his uniform back on and tidies himself up, neither saying a word to each other. Once they are both clothed and belongings have been gathered, the officer then says, “that will be all ma’am, thank you for your time and co-operation”. He opens the door letting Samantha out before directing her out of the terminal to carry on with her life. A smile implanted on Samantha’s face as she makes her way out of the airport, having thoroughly enjoyed her airport frisk.

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